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Carpet Cleaning Turner OR

Innovation. That's the goal here at Chem-Dry. We're constantly improving techniques and ingredients to give you the best possible carpet cleaning experience available. When it comes down to carpet cleaning in Turner, OR, Capitol Chem-Dry is the number one choice.

First, with Capitol Chem-Dry you can expect much faster drying times. Other steam cleaners near Turner, OR, dump tons of water into your carpet. Although this is a good method, there are better ones. Unfortunately, with so much water, it's impossible to get out all that mold, dirt, and grime. Especially if they've been pushed all the way down to the bottom of your carpet fibers. Also, with long drying times (often 1-2 days!), your carpet is susceptible to mold. With Capitol Chem-Dry your carpet will be dry in just a matter of hours!

Second, we clean your carpet with all natural ingredients. Our primary cleaning solution, The Natural, is innovative and state-of-the-art. There are no harmful soaps, detergents or enzymes used at all in this mixture of health-conscious ingredients. In fact, every single ingredient used in The Natural is on FDA's Generally Recognized as Safe list. It's a solution that just works, without bringing potential harm to your carpets, kids or pets. It's not so bad on that wallet of yours, either!

Finally, you're probably wondering how we can give you a good clean by using less water and all-natural ingredients, right? It's all thanks to The Power of Carbonation! Similar to the way soda removes stains from your shirt, we've harnassed the lifting properties of carbonation. This allows us to get DEEP down into the fibers of your carpet and LIFT out those troublesome stains of yours.

If you're looking for clean carpets in Turner, OR, look no further! Call Capitol Chem-Dry today!

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