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Here's something to think about: You walk on your carpet every single day, tracking in more dirt, dust and grime than you'd think! The problem is most of that goes unobserved until it's way too late to just vacuum up. As the premium carpet cleaner in Salem, OR, we provide you with a clean that gets DEEP down into the fibers! With the countless companies in the area trying to get your attention, it's hard to find the one best for you. As the provider that really gives you the best carpet cleaning in Salem, OR, there are a few things we have to say that set us apart from the competition. It all goes back to our motto: Chem-Dry is Drier, Cleaner and Healthier.

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The Drier Carpet Cleaner

Most carpet cleaners near Salem, OR, do a good job. Their methods are great, but can be improved upon. Often, they use the age-old method of drowning your carpets with water (where, unfortunately, the dirt is then pushed to the bottom of your carpet pad) and then trying to vaccuum up as much of that as possible. This will definitely clean your carpets, but it's not effective is it could be because of the typical 1-2 day drying time. Capitol Chem-Dry uses a small fraction of water in comparison to the other guys, leaving your carpets both dry in a matter of hours and free from the risk of mold!


Capitol Chem-Dry's Big Secret: Hot Carbonation

If you're looking for a DEEP clean, one that really gets DOWN into the fibers of your carpet pad, then look no further! Remember the last time you spilled a stain on your shirt and someone told you to put club soda on it? Well, whoever they were, they were smart! It's the carbonation in club soda that makes it so effective at lifting stains from your shirt!

Similarly, Chem-Dry has observed this natural property of carbonation and implemented it into their cleaning method. With the help of million of carbonated bubbles, the stains, dirt, and grime are LIFTED right out of your carpet! Take a look below at the difference between Capitol Chem-Dry and the typical steam cleaner:

The Natural

Now you're probably thinking this: "So I get that Capitol Chem-Dry provides a deep clean, and they use less water, but at what cost?". We're glad that's what you're thinking, because we're thinking the same thing! So often, carpet cleaners in Salem, OR, tend to use harmful chemicals to get those tough stains out. Because of our carbonated solution we don't have to, and we've decided that one of the most important things is the environment. So, when you choose Capitol Chem-Dry, you get a DEEP clean that uses a small portion of water, that's SAFE for you, your kids, and your home (and it's not bad on that wallet of yours, either!).

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This is all thanks to our main solution, The Natural®. Here's what people near Salem, OR, love about it:

  • The inspiration for this innovative product came from the best cleaner in the world, Mother Nature
  • All of the ingredients in The Natural are on FDA's Generally Recognized as Safe list
  • There are NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS, enzymes, soaps or detergents
  • It's perfect for anyone suffering from persistent allergies
  • NO RESIDUES left behind!


If you're looking for a carpet cleaner in Salem, OR, look no further. At Capitol Chem-Dry we clean your carpets as if they were our own. Call us today at (503) 588-7588!

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