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Carpet cleaning in Independence, OR, can be challenging to find, especially with the many possibilities to pick. There are so many steam cleaners and DIY cleaners, it's hard to know what to do. Chem-Dry has a way that has been proven to go deep into your carpet's fibers and clean those hard-to-get stains.

What truly sets Chem-Dry aside from others in the industry? First of all, our services are drier. We don't like to drown your carpet with excessive amounts of water. Generally, steam cleaners will dump loads of water into your carpet. This does a nice job at cleaning the majority of the dirt and grime. The dilemma, in spite of this, is that by using such an abundance of water your carpet isn't going to dry for days. This, consequently, leaves it prone to mold (which thrives in these circumstances). Capitol Chem-Dry in Independence, OR, cleans your carpet with just a portion of the amount of water. This means that you will be walking all over that clean carpet again in just a matter of hours, with the gratification of it being cleaned for both the short and long term.

Not only are our services drier, they're also cleaner. After years of researching and experimenting, Chem-Dry has found a solution that practically blows the dirt and grime right out of your carpet. This is all due to our Hot Carbonated Extraction. The reason so many people choose our services over others is due to the natural cleaning power of carbonation that we make use of. Do you remember that instance you spilled something on your shirt and Mom told you to use club soda to get it out? Well, Mom (just like always) was right! The reason club soda takes the stains out of your shirt is because of the natural lifting properties in the carbonation. Likewise, Chem-Dry has harnessed the power of carbonation. With our services, that dirt, dust, grime and bacteriain your carpet is LIFTED immediately to the surface, where it is then whisked away effortlessly. It's a clean that, once again, will go deep down in your carpet, keeping it healthy for longer.

Finally, Chem-Dry's methods are healthier. Like we said before, we want nothing more than your carpet getting clean, and staying clean. That's the reason we engineered The Natural. It's our main cleaning solution, inspired by Mother Nature herself. Here are a few things that people love about The Natural:

  • Completely safe and non-toxic (perfect for kids and pets)
  • No harsh chemicals or soaps used whatsoever
  • All ingredients approved by the FDA
  • No sticky residues left behind

Have faith in Capitol Chem-Dry. We treat clean carpet in Independence, OR, as if it were our own. Give us a call today!

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